Happy Hour After Dark – FRI/Sat 9 to 11 - .50 Off All Beer/Cocktails!

Happy Hour After Dark – FRI/Sat 9 to 11 - .50 Off All Beer/Cocktails!

647 335th Ave Frederic, WI. 54837

We are open for normal business hours Thursday through Sunday and are following WEDC on social distancing, reduced capacity and sanitizing guidelines.   We appreciate everyone’s continued patronage and understanding as we move forward over the next few months.



10 Years ago we were looking for the perfect dog. We almost gave up. Then one day we decided to drive into Siren WI and saw at YourChucks a car show. We stopped because we love vintage cars! While i was checking out the cars, Mike saw a man with a dog sitting over by the tree, with some other puppies. He wanted to go see the dog, i said to go ahead, the dog was probably his. As soon as Mike walked over the dog(who’s name was Neo) jumped into his lap and was full of love. Come to find out Neo was found in the area wandering, no tags and in pretty bad condition. He was brought to the shelter in Burnett County, where he spend 2 weeks with no owner claim. Mike immediately came to get me and I fell in love. We filled out the necessary paperwork to adopt him. He came home with us that week and because Mike didn’t like Neo, we came up with Halyn. He’s been a great dog and companion for 12 years. He has many stories, because he is a traveler, like us. He travels to local events with us, with people recognizing him often. He is our little celebrity.. He is local to this area, so it was just kind of fitting in the renaming of the bar.

Halyn’s is a cash only establishment. We do not accept checks or credit cards. ATM on site.